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If you’ve noticed common problems like power surges, repeatedly tripped breakers, or higher than average electricity bills, there’s a good chance that your Lower Mainland property needs a professional electrical inspection.

Affordable and detail-oriented, Pacific Total Electric can provide thorough inspections to discover even the most minute issues that could be causing electrical problems.
While much of our inspection and troubleshooting work involves finding a solution for redundant wiring or overloaded circuits, Pacific Total Electric is also available for routine inspections related to commercial safety, home maintenance, and property sales. A clean bill of health from an independent electrician ensures that your property’s safety and value are always kept at their utmost potential.
Local Lower Mainland businesses are often required to have electrical inspections on a regular basis by a third party. We currently provide this service to many companies in the area and can assist your property stay in compliance with electrical regulations at all times. With our help, you can be sure that there will be no problems the next time the authorities come to your location.
For a qualified electrical inspection from Pacific Total Electric, Call  236-688-7579 and schedule a visit to your Lower Mainland property.

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