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Pacific Total Electric provides complete commercial electric repair services for businesses small to large in the Vancouver area.

With our time-honored commitment to client care, the Pacific Total Electric team acts quickly to put your mind at ease and give you commercial electrical services that are completely adapted to meet your specific needs. We will work closely with you to give you a range of proven effective, up-to-date solutions to your business’ electrical requirements.
Pacific Total Electric never cut corners in our endeavor to give you the very best and fully code-compliant commercial electrical work possible. Our electricians are hand-picked for their attention to detail, versatility, and ability to work in a wide variety of contexts. We combine experience and expertise in a wide range of commercial and residential electrical applications into an electrical service designed to maintain the highest safety standards and optimize your Vancouver business’ electrical performance.
When you choose Pacific Total Electric, you’re choosing Lower Mainland’s finest electrician. Call 236-688-7579 to discuss your home’s needs.

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