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Bathroom Lighting Upgrades

In order to create a place that is both visually beautiful and useful, bathroom lighting is an essential component. Proper lighting can improve the atmosphere, give enough light for personal hygiene, and complement the bathroom’s general design. Pacific Total Electric is a reputable brand in the electrical services sector, well-known for their proficiency in designing unique lighting solutions, when it comes to enhancing the lighting in your bathroom.

Important Things to Know About Bathroom Lighting

Task Lighting

For tasks like shaving, applying makeup, or reading in the bathroom, task illumination is crucial. For these chores, Pacific Total Electric can place equipment like wall sconces or vanity lights strategically to give shadow-free, concentrated illumination.

Ambient illumination

The general tone and brightness of the bathroom are established by ambient lighting. Installing chandeliers, recessed lighting, or overhead fixtures can help electricians create a well-balanced and welcoming environment in the room.

Decorative Lighting

Accent lighting in a bathroom can be used to draw attention to particular features or architectural components. To highlight ornamental features like artwork, a statement mirror, or a feature wall, Pacific Total Electric can install LED strips, spotlights, or directional lighting.

Safety and Waterproof Considerations

Because bathrooms have significant levels of moisture, safe and waterproof fixtures are necessary. Electricians make ensuring that all lighting fixtures are appropriate for damp or wet environments and adhere to all safety regulations.

Dimming Switches

Dimmer switches can be placed to adjust the lighting’s intensity for more adaptability. This lets you customize the brightness to suit your needs and make the bathroom a more tranquil place to spend time, whether you’re taking a bath or using the restroom at night.

Why Select Pacific Total Electric for Lighting in Bathrooms?

Proficiency in Lighting Design

With a focus on lighting design, Pacific Total Electric is skilled in developing lighting schemes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Their knowledge guarantees that the lighting in your bathroom is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Energy-Saving Approaches

Pacific Total Electric’s electricians may advise on and implement energy-saving lighting solutions, such LED fixtures, to lower energy usage and promote a more environmentally friendly living space.

Observance of electrical codes

Pacific Total Electric places the utmost importance on ensuring adherence to safety regulations and electrical codes. Their electricians promise that every installation satisfies or beyond the specifications required for bathroom lighting.

Tailored Solutions

Since every bathroom is different, Pacific Total Electric recognizes the value of customized solutions. To construct a lighting design that meets your specific demands, their electricians collaborate extensively with you to understand your preferences, style, and practical requirements.


For a bathroom that combines functionality, safety, and style through thoughtfully designed lighting, Pacific Total Electric is the go-to choice. Their skilled electricians bring expertise, reliability, and a commitment to delivering personalized solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom. Transform your bathroom into a well-lit sanctuary with the expertise of Pacific Total Electric.